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Volume 11, Number 1—January 2005

Mycobacterium lentiflavum Infection in Immunocompetent Patient

Chiara Molteni*, Lidia Gazzola*, Miriam Cesari*, Alessandra Lombardi*, Franco Salerno*, Enrico Tortoli†, Luigi Codecasa‡, Valeria Penati‡, Fabio Franzetti*, and Andrea Gori*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *University of Milan, Milan, Italy; †Careggi Hospital, Florence, Italy; ‡Villa Marelli Institute, Milan, Italy

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Summary of clinical features for 14 patients with Mycobacterium lentiflavum infection*

Patient no.
(ref. no.) Age Sex Concomitant disease Intercurrent treatment Side of infection Susceptibility test Antimycobacterial therapy Clinical outcome
1 (3) 19 mo M No No Cervical lymph node No Surgical excision Recovery (resolved)
2 (4) 42 mo M No No Cervical lymph node No Surgical excision Recovery
3 (4) 33 mo M No No Cervical lymph node No Surgical excision Recovery
4 (2) 6 y F No No Cervical lymph node ND Rif, clm/3 wk
surgical excision Recovery
5 (2) 4 y F ND ND Cervical lymph node ND Inh, rif/†
surgical excision Recovery
6 (2) 4 y M ND ND Cervical lymph node ND surgical excision Recovery
7 (6) 3 y M No No Cervical lymph node ND Clm, eth/6mo Persistent suppuration
8 (I7) 52 y F Antisynthetase syndrome Corticosteroid Synovial fluid of wrist inh R, rif R, str R, eth R, pza R, cys S inh, rif, eth, pza/†
fus, levo, clm/1wk Exitus
9 (8) 49 y M HIV infection HAART Blood, lung clm S, rib S clm, rib, eth/4mo Recovery
10 (1) 85 y F Diabetes mellitus ND Thoracic vertebrae No inh, rif, pza/3mo
Inh, rif/6mo Improvement
11 (2) 58 y M Rheumatoid arthritis Corticosteroid Lung ND inh, rib, eth, pza/4mo No improvement
12 (2) 61 y F COPD, ovarian carcinoma Reiterated chemotherapy Lung ND rif, inh, pza/†
rib, eth, clm, cip/† No improvement (unchanged)
13 (2) 45 y M HIV infection, NHL HAART Hepatic nodular lesion ND rib, clm, eth, cip/2 mo
Rib, clm/4mo Recovery
14 (Molteni) 70 y F COPD, lung fibrodystrophy No Lung inh R, str R, rif R, amik R, km R, pza R, oflox R, clm S, eth S, cys S, ter S, rib S cip, inh/1mo
inh, pza, eth, rif/3mo
clm, eth, rib, cip/2wk No improvement

*M, male; F, female; ND, not done; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; HAART, higly active antiretroviral therapy; amik, amikacin; clm, clarithromycin; cys, cycloserine; eth, ethambutol, fus, fusidic acid; inh, isoniazid; km, kanamycin; levo, levofloxacin; oflox, ofloxacin, pza, pyrazinamide; rib, rifabutin; rif, rifampin, str, streptomycin; ter, terizidon.
†Treatment duration not determined.

Main Article

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