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Volume 12, Number 7—July 2006

Replicon Typing of Plasmids Encoding Resistance to Newer β-Lactams

Alessandra Carattoli*Comments to Author , Vivi Miriagou†, Alessia Bertini*, Alexandra Loli†, Celine Colinon‡, Laura Villa*, Jean M. Whichard§, and Gian Maria Rossolini‡
Author affiliations: *Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy; †Institute Pasteur, Athens, Greece; ‡Università di Siena, Siena, Italy; §Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Phenotypic and genetic characteristics of plasmids and transformant/transconjugant strains analyzed in this study

Original strain Species and serovar Transferred resistance traits in transconjugants or transformants* bla genes identified on transferred plasmids Replicons detected by PCR†
USA-4204 Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium AmpCazCroCtxFox CMY-2-type A A/C2
USA-2039 S. Typhimurium AmpCazCroCtxFoxGmTo CMY-2-type A A/C2
USA-3977 S. Typhimurium AmpCazCroCtxFox CMY-2-type A A/C2
USA-8401 Escherichia coli O157:H7 AmpCazCroCtxFox CMY-2-typeA A/C2
USA-8749 E. coli O157:H7 AmpCazCroCtxFox CMY-2-type A A/C2
USA-8868 E. coli O157:H7 AmpCazCroCtxFox CMY-2-type A A/C2
USA-1091 E. coli O157:H7 AmpCazCroCtxFox CMY-2-type A A/C2
USA-7546 E. coli O157:H7 AmpCazCroCtxFox CMY-2-type A A/C2
USA-11371 E. coli O157:H7 AmpAtmCazCroCtxFox CMY-2-type B I1
USA-1358 S. Thompson AmpAtmCazCroCtxFox CMY-2-type B I1
IT-VA416/02 Klebsiella pneumoniae AmpAtmCazCroCtxFoxIpmGmTo VIM-4, CMY-4 A/C2
IT-VA417/02 Enterobacter cloacae AmpAtmCazCroCtxFoxIpmGmTo VIM-4, CMY-4 A/C2
IT-FI045T Enterobacter aerogenes AmpAtmCaz SHV-12 FII
IT-FI008T E. coli AmpAtmCazTo SHV-12 FII
IT-BG003T Serratia marcescens AmpAtmCazTo SHV-12 FII
IT-NO003T Klebsiella oxytoca AmpAtmCaz SHV-12 A/C1
IT-BG017T K. pneumoniae AmpAtmCazCroCtx SHV-12 I1
GR-541 E. coli AmpAtmCazCtxCroFoxIpmTo VIM-1, CMY13 N
GR-116 E. coli AmpAtmCazCroCtxFoxIpmGmTo VIM-1, CMY13 N
GR-700 K. pneumoniae AmpCazCroCtxFoxIpmGmTo VIM-1 N
GR-2564 K. pneumoniae AmpCazCroCtxFoxIpmTo VIM-1 N
GR-1943 K. pneumoniae AmpCazCroCtxFoxIpmTo VIM-1 N
GR-1955 K. pneumoniae AmpCazCroCtxFoxIpmTo VIM-1 N
GR-5866 K. pneumoniae AmpCazCroCtxFoxIpmTo VIM-1 N
GR-51395 K. pneumoniae AmpCazCroCtxFoxIpmTo VIM-1 N
GR-6/100 K. pneumoniae AmpCazCroCtxFoxIpmTo VIM-1 N

*Transconjugants or transformants were obtained by conjugation on solid medium or electroporation, respectively, with E. coli (strains DH5-α or DH10B or 26R793 as recipients), as described previously (510). Antimicrobial drug susceptibility of the transconjugants or transformants was determined by disk diffusion as recommended by the Committee on Clinical and Laboratory Standards (11) with the following drugs: Amp, ampicillin; Atm, aztreonam; Caz, ceftazidime; Cro, ceftriaxone; Ctx, cefotaxime; Fox, cefoxitin; Ipm, imipenem; Gm, gentamicin; To, tobramycin. Transferred resistance traits were inferred by a detectable reduction of susceptibility to the drug in the transconjugant or transformant, compared to the E. coli recipient.
†Discrimination between A/C1 and A/C2 replicons was performed by DNA sequencing of the amplicon obtained by replicon typing.

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