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Volume 12, Number 9—September 2006

Genomic Signatures of Human versus Avian Influenza A Viruses

Guang-Wu Chen*1, Shih-Cheng Chang*1, Chee-Keng Mok*, Yu-Luan Lo*, Yu-Nong Kung*, Ji-Hung Huang*, Yun-Han Shih*, Ji-Yi Wang*, Chiayn Chiang*, Chi-Jene Chen*, and Shin-Ru Shih*Comments to Author 
Author affiliations: *Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taiwan, Republic of China

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Table A1

Listing of 401 genomes used in this study. All accessions are according to GenBank, except for A/Puerto Rico/8/34(H1N1), which are from Influenza Sequence Database (ISD). Full table available at

Strain Subtype Host PB2 PB1 PA HA NP NA M NS
A/BAR-HEADED GOOSE/QINGHAI/5/05 H5N1 Avian DQ095757 DQ095737 DQ095717 DQ095617 DQ095677 DQ095657 DQ095637 DQ095697
A/BAR-HEADED GOOSE/QINGHAI/59/05 H5N1 Avian DQ095752 DQ095732 DQ095712 DQ095612 DQ095672 DQ095652 DQ095632 DQ095692
A/BAR-HEADED GOOSE/QINGHAI/60/05 H5N1 Avian DQ095755 DQ095735 DQ095715 DQ095615 DQ095675 DQ095655 DQ095635 DQ095695
A/BAR-HEADED GOOSE/QINGHAI/61/05 H5N1 Avian DQ095758 DQ095738 DQ095718 DQ095618 DQ095678 DQ095658 DQ095638 DQ095698
A/BAR-HEADED GOOSE/QINGHAI/62/05 H5N1 Avian DQ095760 DQ095740 DQ095720 DQ095620 DQ095680 DQ095660 DQ095640 DQ095700
A/BAR-HEADED GOOSE/QINGHAI/65/05 H5N1 Avian DQ095762 DQ095742 DQ095722 DQ095622 DQ095682 DQ095662 DQ095642 DQ095702
A/BAR-HEADED GOOSE/QINGHAI/67/05 H5N1 Avian DQ095763 DQ095743 DQ095723 DQ095623 DQ095683 DQ095663 DQ095643 DQ095703
A/BAR-HEADED GOOSE/QINGHAI/68/05 H5N1 Avian DQ095753 DQ095733 DQ095713 DQ095613 DQ095673 DQ095653 DQ095633 DQ095693
A/BAR-HEADED GOOSE/QINGHAI/75/05 H5N1 Avian DQ095759 DQ095739 DQ095719 DQ095619 DQ095679 DQ095659 DQ095639 DQ095699
A/BIRD/THAILAND/3.1/2004 H5N1 Avian AY651715 AY651661 AY651607 AY651330 AY651495 AY651441 AY651384 AY651550
A/BROWN-HEADED GULL/QINGHAI/3/05 H5N1 Avian DQ095756 DQ095736 DQ095716 DQ095616 DQ095676 DQ095656 DQ095636 DQ095696
A/CHICKEN/BEIJING/1/94 H9N2 Avian AF156438 AF156423 AF156452 AF156380 AF156409 AF156398 AF156466 AF156480
A/CHICKEN/BEIJING/8/98 H9N2 Avian AF508649 AF508627 AF508671 AF508562 AF508605 AF508583 AF508693 AF508714
A/CHICKEN/BRITISH COLUMBIA/04 H7N3 Avian AY616766 AY616765 AY616764 AY611524 AY611527 AY611526 AY611525 AY611528
A/CHICKEN/CALIFORNIA/139/01 H6N2 Avian AF457705 AF457706 AF457707 AF457713 AF474070 AF457711 AF457712 AF457708
A/CHICKEN/CALIFORNIA/431/00 H6N2 Avian AF457697 AF457698 AF457699 AF457704 AF457701 AF457702 AF457703 AF457700
A/CHICKEN/CALIFORNIA/465/00 H6N2 Avian AF457689 AF457690 AF457691 AF457696 AF457693 AF457694 AF457695 AF457692
A/CHICKEN/CALIFORNIA/6643/01 H6N2 Avian AF457681 AF457682 AF457683 AF457688 AF457685 AF457686 AF457687 AF457684
A/CHICKEN/CALIFORNIA/905/01 H6N2 Avian AF457672 AF457673 AF457674 AF457679 AF457676 AF457677 AF457678 AF457675
A/CHICKEN/GERMANY/R28/03 H7N7 Avian AJ620347 AJ620348 AJ619677 AJ620350 AJ620352 AJ620349 AJ619676 AJ619678
A/CHICKEN/GUANGDONG/10/00 H9N2 Avian AF508650 AF508628 AF508672 AF508563 AF508606 AF508584 AF508694 AF508715
A/CHICKEN/GUANGDONG/11/97 H9N2 Avian AF508651 AF508629 AF508673 AF508564 AF508607 AF508585 AF508695 AF508716
A/CHICKEN/GUANGDONG/174/04 H5N1 Avian AY609309 AY609310 AY609311 AY609312 AY609313 AY609314 AY609315 AY609316
A/CHICKEN/GUANGDONG/178/04 H5N1 Avian AY737293 AY737294 AY737295 AY737296 AY737297 AY737299 AY737298 AY737300
A/CHICKEN/GUANGDONG/191/04 H5N1 Avian AY737286 AY737287 AY737288 AY737289 AY737290 AY737291 AY737292 AY737285
A/CHICKEN/HONG KONG/220/97 H5N1 Avian AF046086 AF046085 AF046087 AF046080 AF046084 AF046081 AF046082 AF046083
A/CHICKEN/HONG KONG/728/97 H5N1 Avian AF098579 AF098592 AF098606 AF046099 AF098618 AF098548 AF098562 AF098571
A/CHICKEN/HONG KONG/739/94 H9N2 Avian AF156436 AF156422 AF156450 AF156379 AF156408 AF156397 AF156464 AF156478
A/CHICKEN/HONG KONG/FY150/01 H5N1 Avian AY221587 AY221578 AY221569 AY221524 AF509120 AF509095 AF509043 AY221560
A/CHICKEN/HONG KONG/NT873.3/01 H5N1 Avian AY221585 AY221576 AY221567 AY221522 AY221549 AY221540 AY221531 AY221558
A/CHICKEN/HONG KONG/YU562/01 H5N1 Avian AY221592 AY221583 AY221574 AY221529 AF509118 AY221547 AF509041 AF509067
A/CHICKEN/HONG KONG/YU822.2/01 H5N1 Avian AY221591 AY221582 AY221573 AY221528 AY221555 AY221546 AY221537 AY221564

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.

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