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Volume 14, Number 4—April 2008

Multiple Sublineages of Influenza A Virus (H5N1), Vietnam, 2005−2007

Tien Dung Nguyen*Comments to Author , Dhanasekaran Vijaykrishna†, Robert G. Webster‡, Yi Guan†, J.S. Malik Peiris†§, Gavin J.D. Smith†, and The Vinh Nguyen
Author affiliations: *National Institute of Veterinary Research, Hanoi, Vietnam; †University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People’s Republic of China; ‡St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, USA; §The HKU-Pasteur Research Centre, Pokfulam, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China;

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Influenza virus isolates from poultry in Vietnam, 2005–2007

Isolate* Genotype Date Province† Sublineage‡
Dk/VNM/1228/05 Z 2005 Oct Dong Thap (S) Clade 1
Dk/VNM/1231/05 Z 2005 Nov Soc Trang (S) Clade 1
Dk/VNM/1233/05 Z 2005 Nov An Giang (S) Clade 1
MusDk/VNM/1455/06 G 2006 Feb Ha Tay (N) Clade 2.3.2
Dk/VNM/1469/05 Z 2005 Nov Vinh Long (S) Clade 1
Dk/VNM/1771/05 Z 2005 Oct Can Tho (S) Clade 1
Dk/VNM/1/07 Z 2007 Jan Ca Mau (S) Clade 1
Dk/VNM/2/07 Z 2007 Jan Ca Mau (S) Clade 1
MusDk/VNM/4/07 Z 2007 Jan Ca Mau (S) Clade 1
Dk/VNM/5/07 Z 2007 Jan Ca Mau (S) Clade 1
Dk/VNM/6/07 Z 2007 Jan Ca Mau (S) Clade 1
Dk/VNM/7/07 Z 2007 Jan Ca Mau (S) Clade 1
Dk/VNM/8/07 Z 2007 Jan Bac Lieu (S) Clade 1
Ck/VNM/15/07 Z 2007 Jan Soc Trang (S) Clade 1
Dk/VNM/18/07 Z 2007 Jan Kien Giang (S) Clade 1
Ck/VNM/29/07 Z 2006 Dec Hau Giang (S) Clade 1
MusDk/VNM/33/07 Z 2007 Jan Ca Mau (S) Clade 1
Dk/VNM/34/07 Z 2007 Jan Can Tho (S) Clade 1
Dk/VNM/37/07 Z 2007 Mar Lai Chau (N) Clade 2.3.4
Dk/VNM/38/07 Z 2007 Mar Hai Duong (N) Clade 2.3.4
MusDk/VNM/39/07 Z 2007 Mar Hanoi (N) Clade 2.3.4
MusDk/VNM/41/07 Z 2007 Mar Hanoi (N) Clade 2.3.4
Dk/VNM/43/07 Z 2007 Apr Ha Tay (N) Clade 2.3.4
MusDk/VNM/48/07 Z 2007 May Hanoi (N) Clade 2.3.4
MusDk/VNM/49/07 Z 2007 Apr Hanoi (N) Clade 2.3.4
Dk/VNM/50/07 Z 2007 May Hanoi (N) Clade 2.3.4
MusDk/VNM/51/07 Z 2007 Apr Ha Nam (N) Clade 2.3.4
Dk/VNM/52/07 Z 2007 May Phu Tho (N) Clade 2.3.4
Dk/VNM/53/07 Z 2007 May Nghe An (N) Clade 2.3.4
MusDk/VNM/54/07 Z 2007 May Hanoi (N) Clade 2.3.4
Dk/VNM/55/07 Z 2007 May Hanoi (N) Clade 2.3.4
MusDk/VNM/56/07 Z 2007 May Hanoi (N) Clade 2.3.4
MusDk/VNM/57/07 Z 2007 Apr Hanoi (N) Clade 2.3.4

*Ck, chicken; Dk, duck; MusDk, muscovy duck; VNM, Vietnam.
†The letters S and N denote southern Vietnam and northern Vietnam, respectively.
‡Based on the World Health Organization influenza (H5N1) nomenclature system (7).

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