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Volume 14, Number 8—August 2008

Systematic Literature Review of Role of Noroviruses in Sporadic Gastroenteritis

Manish M. Patel*Comments to Author , Marc-Alain Widdowson*, Roger I. Glass*†, Kenichiro Akazawa‡, Jan Vinjé*, and Umesh D. Parashar*
Author affiliations: *Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; †National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA; ‡Chigasaki Tokushukai Medical Center, Kanagawa, Japan;

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Table 2

Summary of studies that examined prevalence of NoV in persons with severe sporadic AGE, emergency department visits and hospitalizations, by using RT-PCR for >12 months*

RefCountryStudy duration, moAge group, yNo. AGE casesNo. NoV positive (single and mixed)% NoV positiveNo. NoV positive (mixed)% MixedNo. control patients% Controls positive for NoV
Emergency department
25 and 17§

(13)‡Hong Kong12All73512316.7
(37)South Korea24<596213213.7181.9
(18)‡Chile25 and 17§<516284.9500.0
(31)South Africa48All1,296322.5
(41)South Korea12<576211415.0

*NoV, norovirus; AGE, acute gastroenteritis; RT-PCR, reverse transcription–PCR; Ref, reference; –, not assessed in the study.
†NoV prevalence (total and mixed alone) in these studies was estimated by multiplying the calicivirus prevalence by average proportion fo caliciviruses determined to be NoV (88.5%) among hospital-based studies reporting NoV and sapovirus results separately.
‡O’Ryan et al. (18) included clinic-, emergency department–, and hospital-based patients; Lau et al. (13), Monica et al. (33), and Sdiri-Loulizi et al. (34) included community/clinic- and hospital-based patients. Only emergency department and hospitalization data are presented here.
§Included 2 hospitals with 25- and 17-month enrollment periods.
¶98% (213 of 217) of the case-patients were <5 y of age.
#Age- and setting-specific data were obtained through personal communication with the author.

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