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Volume 15, Number 2—February 2009

Methicillin-Susceptible Staphylococcus aureus in Skin and Soft Tissue Infections, Northern Italy

Marco Tinelli, Monica Monaco, Maurizio Vimercati, Antonio Ceraminiello, and Annalisa PantostiComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Hospital of Lodi, Lodi, Italy (M. Tinelli, M. Vimercati, A. Ceraminiello); Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy (M. Monaco, A. Pantosti)

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Table 1

Characteristics of patients with community-acquired MSSA skin and soft tissue infections, their treatment, and molecular typing of the isolates, northern Italy, 2004–2006*

Patient Age, sex Site of infection† Type of infection† Antimicrobial drug treatment† Drainage Molecular typing of MSSA isolates
Presence of PVL genes PFGE type spa type ST
Family clusters
Cluster 1
P 1 32 y, F Leg Abscess None Spontaneous NA
P 2 33 y, M Axilla Abscesses AMC, CIP None NA
P 3 4 d, M Prepuce Pustules GEN None NA
Cluster 2
P 4 30 y, F Vulva, thighs Pustules, abscesses AMC, LFX, TEC None + A t005 22
P 5 33 y, M Nose, scalp Pustules AMC None NA
P 6 14 mo, F Thigh Pustules CLI None NA
P 7 14 d, F Thigh Pustules CLI None + A t005 ND
Cluster 3
P 8 32 y, F Face, vulva, leg Abscesses AMC, CIP, LFX None + A t005 22
P 9 25 mo, F Leg Abscess None Spontaneous NA
Cluster 4
P 10 34 y, F Axilla, forearm, leg Abscesses AMC None NA
P 11 35 y, M Axilla, forearm, leg Abscess, furuncles AMC, LFX Surgical + A t005 ND
P 12 4 d, M Neck, groin, axilla, Pustules, abscesses AMC, AMC Spontaneous + A t005 22
P 13 3 y, M Forearm Abscesses AMC None NA
P 14 65 y, F Axilla, forearm, leg, face Abscess None None NA
Cluster 5
P 15 33 y, F Face, leg, axilla Pustules, abscess AMC Surgical NA
P 16
36 y, M
Furuncles, abscess

Sporadic cases
P 17 64 y, F Axilla Abscess CIP None + A t005 22
P 18 7 mo, F Arm Pustules AMC None F t159 ND
P 19 9 y, F Axilla Furuncles AMC None F t159 ND
P 20 12 mo, M Groin Abscess AMC None + A t005 ND
P 21 8 y, F Leg Abscess AMC None G t445 ND
P 22 18 mo, M Forearm Furuncles AMC None + A t005 ND
P 23 12 mo, F Buttock Abscess AMC Spontaneous + A t005 ND
P 24 20 mo, F Thigh Abscess AMC None + A t005 22
P 25 8 y, M Arm, chest Abscesses AMC Surgical + A t005 ND
P 26 11 y, M Face, eye Abscess, conjunctivitis AMC None + A t005 22

*MSSA, methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus; PVL, Panton-Valentine leukocidin; PFGE, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis; ST, sequence type; NA, isolate not available; AMC, amoxicillin-clavulanic acid; CIP, ciprofloxacin; GEN, gentamicin (topical); LFX, levofloxacin; TEC, teicoplanin; CLI, clindamycin (topical); ND, not determined.
†When >1 site or type of infection or antibimicrobial agents are indicated, they refer to different infection episodes.

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