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Volume 15, Number 9—September 2009

Susceptibilities of Nonhuman Primates to Chronic Wasting Disease

Brent Race1Comments to Author , Kimberly D. Meade-White1, Michael W. Miller, Kent D. Barbian, Richard Rubenstein, Giuseppe LaFauci, Larisa Cervenakova, Cynthia Favara, Donald Gardner, Dan Long, Michael Parnell, James Striebel, Suzette A. Priola, Anne Ward, Elizabeth S. Williams2, Richard Race3, and Bruce Chesebro3
Author affiliations: Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Hamilton, Montana, USA (B. Race, K.D. Meade-White, K.D. Barbian, C. Favara, D. Gardner, D. Long, M. Parnell, J. Striebel, S.A. Priola, A. Ward, R. Race, B. Chesebro); Colorado Division of Wildlife, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA (M.W. Miller); State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA (R. Rubenstein); New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities, Staten Island, New York, USA (G. LaFauci); American Red Cross, Rockville, Maryland, USA (L. Cervenakova); University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming, USA (E.S. Williams)

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Figure 4

Comparison of prion protein sequences from various species. The following species are shown, and GenBank accession numbers are given when available: human (M13899), cynomolgus macaque (Cyno Mac) (U08298), squirrel monkey (Sq Mk) (genotype RML-A, see Table 4), squirrel monkey from Schneider et al. (31) (AY765385), squirrel monkey from Schätzl et al. (28) (U08310), mule deer (AY330343), and elk (AF156183). Numbering is based on the human sequence. Gray boxes indicate residues different from human

Figure 4. Comparison of prion protein sequences from various species. The following species are shown, and GenBank accession numbers are given when available: human (M13899), cynomolgus macaque (Cyno Mac) (U08298), squirrel monkey (Sq Mk) (genotype RML-A, see Table 4), squirrel monkey from Schneider et al. (31) (AY765385), squirrel monkey from Schätzl et al. (28) (U08310), mule deer (AY330343), and elk (AF156183). Numbering is based on the human sequence. Gray boxes indicate residues different from human residues. Alignment of the sequences was conducted with MegAlign software (DNAstar/Lasergene, Madison, WI, USA).

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.


3Co-senior authors.

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