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Volume 18, Number 12—December 2012

Diagnostic Assays for Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever

Jessica VanhomwegenComments to Author , Maria João Alves, Tatjana Avšič Županc, Silvia Bino, Sadegh Chinikar, Helen Karlberg, Gülay Korukluoğlu, Miša Korva, Masoud Mardani, Ali Mirazimi, Mehrdad Mousavi, Anna Papa, Ana Saksida, Batool Sharifi-Mood, Persofoni Sidira, Katerina Tsergouli, Roman Wölfel, Hervé Zeller, and Philippe Dubois
Author affiliations: Author affiliations: Institut Pasteur, Paris, France (J. Vanhomwegen, P. Dubois); European Centre for Disease Control, Stockholm, Sweden (J. Vanhomwegen, H. Zeller); National Institute of Health Dr. Ricardo Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal (M.J. Alves); Faculty of Medicine, Ljubljana, Slovenia (T. Avšič Županc, M. Korva, A. Saksida); Institute of Public Health, Tirana, Albania (S. Bino); Pasteur Institute of Iran, Tehran, Iran (S. Chinikar); Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, Solna, Sweden (H. Karlberg, A. Mirazimi, M. Mousavi); Refik Saydam National Public Health Agency, Ankara, Turkey (G. Korukluoğlu); Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran (M. Mardani, B. Sharifi-Mood); Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece (A. Papa, P. Sidira, K. Tsergouli); and Bundeswehr Institute of Microbiology, Munich, Germany (R. Wölfel)

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Table 2

Characteristics of selected assays compared in study of CCHF diagnostic tools

Characteristics IgM ELISA IgG ELISA IgM IFA IgG IFA qRT-PCR LCD array
Assay (manufacturer, location or reference) VectoCrimea-CHF ELISA (Vector-Best, Novosibirsk, Russia) Crimean-Congo Fever Mosaic 2 IFA (Euroimmun, Luebeck, Germany) RealStar CCHFV RT-PCR Kit 1.2 (Altona-Diagnostics, Hamburg, Germany) CCHF2006 1.5 LCD Kit (26)
Reference no. D-5054 D-5056 FI 279a-1010-2M FI 279a-1010-2G 181203 NA
Target CCHFV-specific IgM CCHFV-specific IgG CCHFV-specific
IgM CCHFV-specific IgG CCHFV S segment CCHFV S segment
Shelf life, mo 9 9 18 18 12 Unknown
Storage temperature, °C 2 to 8 2 to 8 2 to 8 2 to 8 −15 to −25 2 to 8, −20
Quoted accuracy, %


100 100 97.2 89.5 Unknown 100


100 100 97.5 100 Unknown 100
Sample type Serum, plasma Serum, plasma Serum, plasma Serum, plasma RNA extract from serum or blood RNA extract from serum or blood
Sample volume, µL 10 10 5 5 10 10
Minimum kit format (no. reactions) 12 strips × 8 tests (96) 12 strips × 8 tests (96) 10 slides × 5 tests (50) 10 slides × 5 tests (50) 8 tubes × 12 tests (96) 4 slides × 8 tests (32)
Price, Euros†

Per kit

139.2 139.2 326 326 1,200 Unknown

Per reaction

1.45 1.45 6.51 6.51 12.50 Unknown
Estimated run time, min 175 175 70 70 58 175

*CCHFV, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus; IFA, immunofluorescence assay; qRT-PCR, quantitative reverse transcription PCR; LCD, low-cost, low-density; NA, not applicable; S segment, small segment.
†Does not include shipping costs.

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