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Volume 18, Number 8—August 2012

New Variants of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus, China, 2011

Wentao Li, Heng Li, Yunbo Liu, Yongfei Pan, Feng Deng, Yanhua Song, Xibiao Tang, and Qigai HeComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, People’s Republic of China (W. Li, H. Li; F. Deng, X. Tang, Q. He); and Guangdong Wen’s Foodstuffs Group Company, Ltd., Xinxing, People’s Republic of China (Y. Pan, Y. Song)

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Table 2

Isolates and reference strains used in study of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus outbreak, China, 2011

Virus strain Country and year of isolation GenBank accession no. Reference
CH1 China 2011 JQ239429 This study
CH2 China 2011 JQ239430 This study
CH3 China 2011 JQ239431 This study
CH4 China 2011 JQ239432 This study
CH5 China 2011 JQ239433 This study
CH6 China 2011 JQ239434 This study
CH7 China 2011 JQ239435 This study
CH8 China 2011 JQ239436 This study
CHGD-01 China 2011 JN980698 This study
CH-FJND-1 China 2011 JN543367.1 Unpublished
CH-FJND-2 China 2011 JN315706.1 Unpublished
CH-FJND-3 China 2011 JN381492.1 (7)
JS-2004–2 China 2004 AY653204 Unpublished
LJB/03 China 2006 DQ985739 Unpublished
LZC China 2006 EF185992 Unpublished
DX China 2007 EU031893 Unpublished
CHS China 1986 JN547228.1 (8)
Chinju99 South Korea 1999 AY167585 (9)
Spk1 South Korea 2002 AF400215 (10)
Parent DR13 South Korea 2006 DQ862099 (11)
Attenuated DR13 South Korea, 2006 DQ462404.2 (11)
KNU-0801 South Korea, 2008 GU180142 (2)
KNU-0802 South Korea, 2008 GU180143 (2)
KNU-0901 South Korea, 2009 GU180144 (2)
KNU-0902 South Korea, 2009 GU180145 (2)
KNU-0903 South Korea, 2009 GU180146 (2)
KNU-0904 South Korea, 2009 GU180147 (2)
KNU-0905 South Korea, 2009 GU180148 (2)
Br1/87 Great Britain, 1993 Z25483 (12)
MK Japan, 1996 AB548624.1 (3)
NK Japan AB548623.1 (3)
Kawahira Japan AB548622.1 (3)
CV777 Belgium, 1988 AF353511 (13)

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