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Volume 19, Number 11—November 2013

Three Outbreak-causing Neisseria meningitidis Serogroup C Clones, Brazil1

David E. BarrosoComments to Author , Terezinha M.P.P. Castiñeiras, Fernanda S. Freitas, Jane W. Marsh, Mary G. Krauland, Mary M. Tulenko, Érica L. Fonseca, Ana C.P. Vicente, Maria C. Rebelo, Elaine O. Cerqueira, Adriano C. Xavier, Ana P.C.M. Cardozo, Simone E.M. da Silva, and Lee H. Harrison
Author affiliations: Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (D.E. Barroso, F.S. Freitas, É.L. da Fonseca, A.C.P. Vicente); Federal University School of Medicine, Rio de Janeiro (T.M.P.P. Castiñeiras); University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (J.W. Marsh, M.G. Krauland, M.M. Tulenko, L.H. Harrison); State Department of Health, Rio de Janeiro (M.C. Rebelo, E.O. Cerqueira); Cientificalab Laboratory Products and Systems, Rio de Janeiro (A.C. Xavier, A.P.C.M. Cardozo, S.E.M. da Silva).

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Genotyping of serogroup C Neisseria meningitidis invasive isolates recovered from 1990 to 2010 with timeline showing when the cluster-associated clone were first observed in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

Serogroup/year Genotype (no. isolates)/clonal complex Date of emergence of cluster-related clone (date of commencement of cluster)
C:2a ST-11
1990 2-184:P1.5-1,2-2:F1-1:ST-5121 (1)
1995–1997 2-2:P1.5,2:F3-6:ST-11 (5)
1997 2-60:P1.5,2:F3-6:ST-7849 (1)
2000 2-145:P1.5,2:F1-1:ST-11 (1)
2001 2-184:P1.5-1,2-2:F1-1:ST-5121 (1)
2007–2009 2-2:P1.5-1,10-8:F3-6:ST-11 (9) February 2007 (February 2007, January 2008)
2009 2-2:P1.5-1,5-11:F3-6:ST-11 (1)
2-2:P1.5-1,10-8:F3-6:ST-9452 (3)
May 2010 (May 2010)
C:2b ST-8
1990 2-3:P1.18-1,3:F3-1:ST-8 (1) No cluster associated with this clonal complex
1992 2-3:P1.18-1,3:F3-9:ST-8 (2)
1995–1997 2-30:P1.5-2,10:F5-2:ST-8 (1)
2-3:P1.18-1,3:F3-1:ST-8 (1)
2-30:5-2,10:F5-2:ST-153 (8)*
2-3:18-1,3:F3-9:ST-7769 (1)
2-30:5-2,10:F5-2:ST-7713 (1)
2002 2-30:5-2,10:F5-2:ST-153 (1)

2-30:5-2,10:F5-2:ST-7705 (1)

C:4,7 ST-32
1994 3-1:P1.19,15:F5-1:ST-7709 (1)
1998–2010 3-79:P1.7-1,1:F5-1:ST-639 (16) June 1998 (July 2009)
3-1:P1.19,15:F1-80:ST-33 (1)
3-299:P1.7-1,1:F5-1:ST-639 (2)
3-1:P1.19,15:F5-1:ST-33 (2)
3-79:P1.19,15:F5-1:ST-639 (1)
3-1:P1.19,15:F5-1:ST-34 (1)
3-1:P1.19,15:F5-1:ST-639 (3)
3-79:P1.7-1,1:F5-1:ST-7692 (1)
3-79:P1.7-1,1:F5-1:ST-7696 (1) October 2006 (October 2006)

3-294:P1.7-1,1:F5-1:ST-639 (1)

2007 3-300:P1.18-1,3:F5-37:ST-41 (1) No cluster associated with this clonal complex
C:4,7 No clonal complex
1993–1994 3-27:P1.20,9:F1-7:ST-7690 (3) No cluster associated with these strains
3-1:P1.21,16:F1-20:ST-7712 (1)
2003 3-1:P1.5,15:F4-3:ST-7691 (1)
C:19 ST-41/44, ST-174, and ST-269
1993–1995 3-295:P1.5-1,10-4:F4-21:ST-3772 (1) No cluster associated with these clonal complexes
3-295:P1.5-1,10-4:F5-1:ST-3772 (1)
2007 3-35:P1.21,16:F5-13:ST-7817 (1)
3-71:P1.19,15:F5-2:ST-437 (1)
C:23 ST-103
2001–2010 2-23:P1.22,14-6:F1-80:ST-3779 (1)
2-23:P1.22,14-6:F3-9:ST-3779 (13) July 2001 (February 2012)
2-23:P1.22,14-6:F5-92:ST-7689 (1)
2-23:P1.22,14-6:F3-9:ST-3780 (14) July 2003 (April 2012)
2-23:P1.22,14-6:F1-5:ST-5727 (1)
2-23:P1.22,14-6:F3-9:ST-7708 (1) September 2003 (September 2003)
2-23:P1.5,14-6:F3-9:ST-5122 (1)
2-23:P1.22,14-6:F3-9:ST-5122 (2)
2-23:P1.22,14-6:F5-92:ST-5338 (1)
2-167:P1.22,14-6:F3-9:ST-3779 (3)
2-23:P1.18-1,3:F3-9:ST-3779 (3)
2-23:P1.22,14-6:F3-9:ST-8732 (1)
C:23 No clonal complex
2010 2-23:P1.22,14-6:F3-9:ST-8730 (1) No cluster associated with this strain

*No invasive C:2b isolate has been recovered since 2002.
†The clone associated with the last epidemic of serogroup C disease in 1994.

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1The study was presented in part in the 18th International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference, September 9–14, 2012, Würzburg, Germany.

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