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Volume 19, Number 4—April 2013

Description and Nomenclature of Neisseria meningitidis Capsule Locus

Odile B. Harrison, Heike Claus, Ying Jiang, Julia S. Bennett, Holly B. Bratcher, Keith A. Jolley, Craig Corton, Rory Care, Jan T. Poolman, Wendell D. Zollinger, Carl E. Frasch, David S. Stephens, Ian Feavers, Matthias Frosch, Julian Parkhill, Ulrich Vogel, Michael A. Quail, Stephen D. Bentley, and Martin C.J. Maiden
Author affiliations: University of Oxford, Oxford, UK (O.B. Harrison, J.S. Bennett, H.B. Bratcher, K.A. Jolley, M.C.J. Maiden); University of Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany (H. Claus, M. Frosch, U. Vogel); The Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK (Y. Jiang, C. Corton, J. Parkhill, M.A. Quail, S.D. Bentley); National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, Potters Bar, UK (R. Care, I. Feavers); Crucell, Leiden, the Netherlands (J.T. Poolman); Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA (W.D. Zollinger); Frasch Biologics Consulting, Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA (C.E. Frasch); Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (D.S. Stephens)

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Table 1

Description of Neisseria meningitidis isolates*

Isolate name Serogroup Origin Disease status Strain designation GenBank accession no.
N. meningitidis Z2491 A The Gambia Invasive A:P1.7, 13–1: F1–5: ST-4 (cc4) AL157959
N. meningitidis H44/76 B Norway Invasive B:P1.7,16: F3–3: ST-32 (cc32) CP002420
N. meningitidis FAM18 C United States Invasive C:P1.5,2: F1–30: ST-11 (cc11) AM421808
N. meningitidis 053442 C PRC Invasive C:P1.7–2,14: F3–3: ST-4821 (cc4821) CP000381
N. meningitidis 29013 D PRC Unknown C:P1.22,14–6: F3–16: ST-8723 (cc213) ERR028660
N. meningitidis α707 E Germany Carrier E:P1.5–1,2–2: F4–3: ST-254 (cc254) HF562982
N. meningitidis 29031 H PRC Carrier H:P1.21,3: F4–21: ST-4959 (-) ERR028662
N. meningitidis H-ASH/87 H PRC Carrier H:P1.21,3: F4–21: ST-4959 (-) ERR036095
N. meningitidis H-ZANE/83 H PRC Carrier H:P1.21,3: F4–21: ST-4959 (-) ERR036096
N. meningitidis 29043 I PRC Carrier I:P1.22,14–6: F5–2: ST-5594 (-) ERR028663
N. meningitidis I-ZANE/87 I PRC Carrier I:P1.22,14–6: F5–2: ST-5594 (-) ERR036097
N. meningitidis 29046 K PRC Carrier K:P1.7–2,14: F5–14: ST-8724 (-) ERR028664
N. meningitidis K-ASH/87 K PRC Carrier K:P1.7–2,14: F5–14: ST-8724 (-) ERR036087
N. meningitidis WUE3608 L Unknown Carrier L:P1.18–1,3: F1–5: ST-963 HF562986
N. meningitidis L-ASHTON/87 L PRC Carrier L:P1.22,14: F1–38: ST-8902 (-) ERR036088
N. meningitidis 21033 L Dublin, Ireland, UK Carrier L:P1.7–2,13–1:F1–5: ST-3258 (-) ERR063490
N. meningitidis α275 W Germany Carrier W:P1.18–1,3: F4–1: ST-22 (cc22) HF562987
N. meningitidis WUE171 W Germany Unknown W:P1.5–9, 10: F3–6: ST-11 (cc11) HF562992
N. meningitidis α388 X Germany Carrier X:P1.5–1,2–2: F5–1: ST-765 (cc254) HF562988
N. meningitidis α162 Y Germany Carrier Y:P1.5–2,10–1: F4–1: ST-23 (cc23) HF562989
N. meningitidis WUE172 Y Unknown Unknown Y:P1.5,2: F1–1: ST-166 (cc11) HF562992
N. meningitidis WUE173 Z Unknown Unknown Z:P1.7–1,1: F1–7: ST-4443 (-) HF562991

*PRC, People’s Republic of China; UK, United Kingdom.

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