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Volume 22, Number 1—January 2016

Waterborne Elizabethkingia meningoseptica in Adult Critical Care1

Luke S.P. MooreComments to Author , Daniel S. Owens, Annette Jepson, Jane F. Turton, Simon Ashworth, Hugo Donaldson, and Alison H. Holmes
Author affiliations: Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK (L.S.P. Moore, A. Jepson, S. Ashworth, H. Donaldson, A.H. Holmes); Imperial College London, London. (L.S.P. Moore, A.H. Holmes); St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, London (D.S. Owens); Public Health England, London (J.F. Turton)

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Table 1

Clinical and epidemiologic patient characteristics from an Elizabethkingia meningoseptica outbreak in an adult critical care unit, West London, UK, 2012–2013*

Patient no. Age, y/sex Admission category Date of E. m. acquisition Hospital day of acquisition Sample type† Antimicrobial therapy immediately before E. m. acquisition E. m. treatment regimen Clinical outcome PFGE designation
1 29/M Trauma 2012 Jan 12 35 Respiratory None None Discharged NA
2 45/F Medical 2012 Feb 27 9 Respiratory TZP None Discharged EZ1
3 58/M Medical 2012 Mar 2 22 Respiratory MEM + CAS None Discharged EZ1
4 34/M Trauma 2012 Mar 10 18 Respiratory TZP None Discharged NA
5‡ 28/M Trauma 2012 Mar 20 15 Screening MEM TGC Discharged EZ2
6 64/M Surgical 2012 Mar 22 4 Respiratory None None Discharged NA
7‡ 77/M Medical 2012 Mar 28 10 Screening MEM + MTZ None Discharged EZ1
8 69/M Trauma 2012 Apr 18 11 Screening MEM None Discharged NA
9‡ 35/F Trauma 2012 May 21 19 Screening TZP + AFG TMP/SXT Discharged EZ2
10ठ35/F Surgical 2012 Jul 16 14 Respiratory MEM TMP/SXT Discharged NA
11ठ60/F Medical 2012 Jul 21 22 Respiratory None None Died EZ1
12 55/M Surgical 2012 Jul 27 14 Respiratory TZP + VAN None Died EZ1
13 43/M Trauma 2012 Sep 13 6 Screening MEM + MTZ None Discharged NA
14 40/M Trauma 2012 Dec 27 13 Respiratory MEM + VAN None Discharged NA
15 40/F Medical 2013 Jan 3 31 Blood culture MEM + MTZ TGC Died NA
16‡ 23/M Trauma 2013 Jan 14 13 Respiratory None None Discharged EZ1
17 57/M Trauma 2013 Jan 14 13 Respiratory TZP + FCA None Discharged NA
18ठ19/M Trauma 2013 Mar 26 25 Respiratory TZP + MTZ None Discharged NA
19‡ 70/M Vascular 2013 Apr 8 11 Respiratory MEM + FCA TGC Discharged Unique
20ठ61/F Trauma 2013 Apr 27 11 Respiratory MEM TGC Died Unique
21ठ43/M Surgical 2013 May 1 12 Respiratory MEM +AFG None Discharged NA
22‡ 17/M Trauma 2013 May 22 28 Screening MEM + MTZ None Discharged EZ3
23§ 60/M Medical 2013 May 30 13 Respiratory TZP + FCA None Died NA
24ठ75/F Trauma 2013 Jun 21 13 Respiratory TZP TGC Discharged NA
25 75/M Trauma 2013 Jun 22 12 Respiratory MEM + VAN None Discharged NA
26 77/F Medical 2013 Aug 2 22 Respiratory TZP TMP/SXT Discharged EZ1
27 31/M Trauma 2013 Sep 15 26 Respiratory MEM + VAN TGC Discharged NA
28ठ83/M Surgical 2013 Sep 15 28 Respiratory TZP + FCA TMP/SXT Discharged NA
29ठ32/M Trauma 2013 Oct 10 11 Respiratory TZP + VAN TMP/SXT Discharged NA
30 48/M Trauma 2013 Oct 29 34 Respiratory TZP + VAN None Discharged NA
31¶ 34/F Trauma 2014 Apr 12 1 Screening None None Discharged Unique

*AFG, anidulofungin; CAS, caspofungin; Dis, discharged; E. m., E. meningoseptica; FCA, fluconazole; MEM, meropenem; MTZ, metronidazole; NA, isolate unrecoverable for PFGE analysis; PFGE, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis; TGC, tigecycline; TMP/SXT, trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole; TZP, piperacillin/tazobactam; VAN, vancomycin; TGC, tigecycline; AFG, anidulofungin.
†Respiratory sample types included nondirected bronchoalveolar lavage or endotracheal suction. Cross-infection screens comprise throat, rectum, nose, and groin swab specimens.
‡Patients in whom no other pathogen was identified in the 7 days before or after isolation of E. meningoseptica.
§Patients in whom chest radiography demonstrated new-onset signs consistent with a pneumonic process in the 48 hours before and after E. meningoseptica isolation.
¶Postoutbreak infection.

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1Preliminary findings of this study were presented, in part, at the 27th European Society for Intensive Care Medicine conference, Barcelona, Spain, September 27– October 1, 2014.

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