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Volume 22, Number 9—September 2016

Large-Scale Survey for Tickborne Bacteria, Khammouan Province, Laos

Andrew J. TaylorComments to Author , Khamsing Vongphayloth, Malavanh Vongsouvath, Marc Grandadam, Paul T. Brey, Paul N. Newton, Ian W. Sutherland1, and Sabine Dittrich1
Author affiliations: Mahosot Hospital, Vientiane, Laos (A.J. Taylor, M. Vongsouvath, P.N. Newton, S. Dittrich); University of Oxford, Oxford, UK (A.J. Taylor, P.N. Newton, S. Dittrich); Institut Pasteur du Laos, Vientiane (K. Vongphayloth, M. Grandadam, P.T. Brey, I.W. Sutherland); US Naval Medical Research Center–Asia, Sembawang, Singapore (I.W. Sutherland)

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Table 2

Sequence data for Rickettsia species isolated from ticks, Khammouan Province, Laos*

Tick pool Tick species and stage Rickettsia spp. gene, GenBank accession no., and % similarity (no. matching nucleotides/total)
17-kDa gltA sca4 ompA ompB
Amblyomma testudinarium nymph
Unclear sequence
Unclear sequence
KT753264, 100.0 (529/529) with Rickettsia sp. TwKM01 EF219467
177, 180, 216, 220
A. testudinarium nymph
KR733070, 100.0 (355/355) with R. tamurae AB114825
KT753265, 99.8 (1,096/1,098) with R. tamurae AB812551
KT753266, 99.7 (607/609) with R. tamurae DQ113911
A. testudinarium nymph
KT753267, 98.8 (407/412) with R. raoultii JX885457
KT753268, 99.9 (1,036/1,037) with Ricksettia kagoshima6 JQ697956
KT753269, 96.8 (795/821) with Rickettsia sp. AUS 118, KF666473
Could not be amplified
KT753270, 95.0 (1,073/1,129) with R. massiliae CP003319
A. testudinarium nymph
KT753271, 99.7 (360/361) with Rickettsia sp. ATT AF483196
KT753272, 99.7 (1,048/1,051) with R. tamurae (AB812551)/KT753273; 99.2 (367/370) with Rickettsia sp. hhmj7 KC566999
KT753274, 97.1 (759/782) with Rickettsia sp. AUS 118 KF666473
KT753275, 87.2 (530/602) with R. raoultii JQ792137
KT753276, 97.5 (1,052/1,079) with R. massiliae CP003319
76, 337, 450, 453
Haemaphysalis G1 nymphs (3), A. testudinarium nymph (1)
KT753277, 98.4 (417/423) with R. raoultii JX885457
KT753278, 99.9 (1,037/1,038) with Ricksettia sp. kagoshima6 JQ697956
KT753279, 98.4 (794/807) with R. japonica AF155055
Could not be amplified
KT753280, 96.0 (410/427) with R. raoultii EU036984
81, 372
Haemaphysalis G1 nymphs, A. testudinarium nymph (17 kDa only)
KT753283, 99.0 (408/412) with R. raoultii JX885457
KT753284, 99.5 (1,090/1,096) with R. sibirica U59734
KT753285, 98.5 (838/851) with R. japonica AF 155055
Could not be amplified
KT753286, 97.7 (1,118/1,144) with R. massiliae CP003319
Haemaphysalis G1 nymph
KT753287, 96.1 (391/407) with R. helvetica GU827073
KT753288, 97.1 (370/381) with Candidatus Rickettsia rara DQ365805
Could not be amplified (x2)
Could not be amplified (x2)
KT753289, 86.4 (362/419), R. aeschlimannii AF123705
Haemaphysalis hysticis adult
KR733074, 100.0 (413/413), R. japonica AP011533
KT753281, 100.0 (1,063/1,063), R. japonica AP011533
KT753282, 100.0 (1,191/1,191) with R. japonica AP011533
447 Haemaphysalis G1 nymph KT753291, 98.6 (407/413) with R. massiliae CP000683 KT753290, 99.6 (961/965) with R. raoultii JX885455 KT753292, 97.5 (809/830) with Rickettsia sp. AUS118 KF66473 KT753293, 97.5 (591/606) with Rickettsia sp. JL-02 AY093696 KT753294, 98.4 (1,137/1,156), with R. massiliae CP003319

*New sequences were compared with reference sequences. NS, not sequenced.

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1These senior authors contributed equally to this article.

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