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Volume 23, Number 6—June 2017
Research Letter

PCR Detection of Mimivirus

Didier RaoultComments to Author , Anthony Levasseur, and Bernard La Scola
Author affiliations: Aix-Marseille Université, Marseille, France

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Mimivirus genomes in the public domain screened to determine whether the genomes were complementary with their primers/probes*

Lineage A (GenBank accession no.) Lineage B (GenBank accession no.) Lineage C (GenBank accession no.)
Mimivirus fauteuil (CWKE00000000) Moumouvirus ochan (CXPE00000000) Megavirus shan (CWIL00000000)
Mimivirus longchamps (CXOV00000000) Moumouvirus istres (PRJEB9189) Megavirus montpellier3 (CWIA00000000)
Mimivirus marais (PRJEB9199) Moumouvirus battle49 (CXOS00000000) Megavirus mont1 (CWIO00000000)
Mimivirus lactours (CXOL00000000) Moumouvirus saoudian (CXOQ00000000) Megavirus avenue9 (CWHN00000000)
Mimivirus PointeRouge1 (CXOW00000000) Moumouvirus boug1 (PRJEB9190) Megavirus balcon (PRJEB9194)
Mimivirus PointeRouge2 (CXOU00000000) Moumouvirus goulette (KC008572) Megavirus ursino (CWJY00000000)
Mimivirus T3 (CXOR00000000) Moumouvirus Monve (JN885994–JN886001) Megavirus T1 (CWIB00000000)
Mimivirus huitre A06 (CWJT00000000) Megavirus battle43 (CWHV00000000)
Mimivirus amazonia (CWHO00000000) Megavirus T4 (CWJR00000000)
Mimivirus battle7 (CWJW00000000) Megavirus J3 (CWIN00000000)
Mimivirus battle19 (CWJX00000000) Megavirus T6 (CWJQ00000000)
Mimivirus battle27 (CWJS00000000) Megavirus chilensis (NC_016072)
Mimivirus battle57 (CWJZ00000000) Megavirus courdo11 (JX975216)
Mimivirus battle66 (CWKA00000000) Megavirus lba† (JX885207)
Mimivirus battle83 (CWKG00000000) Powai lake megavirus (KU877344)
Mimivirus battle86 (CWKD00000000) Megavirus terra1 (KF527229)
Mimivirus T2 (CXOT00000000) Megavirus courdo5 (CWID00000000)
Mimivirus battle6 (CWJU00000000) Megavirus bus (CWIQ00000000)
Mimivirus dakar4 (CWKF00000000) Megavirus courdo7 (JN885990–JN885993)
Mimivirus (AY653733)
Mimivirus Bombay (KU761889)
Mimivirus terra 2 (PRJNA240235)
Samba virus (KF959826)
Mimivirus lentille (AFYC00000000)

Mimivirus urine†

*Bold indicates genomes that would be predicted to be successfully amplified using the PCR primers and probes in the article by Zhang et al. (1).
†Mimiviruses isolated from human samples.

Main Article

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