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Volume 24, Number 7—July 2018

Epidemiology and Geographic Distribution of Blastomycosis, Histoplasmosis, and Coccidioidomycosis, Ontario, Canada, 1990–2015

Elizabeth M. Brown1, Lisa R. McTaggart1, Deirdre Dunn, Elizabeth Pszczolko, Kar George Tsui, Shaun K. Morris, Derek Stephens, Julianne V. Kus2Comments to Author , and Susan E. Richardson2
Author affiliations: Public Health Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (E.M. Brown, L.R. McTaggart, D. Dunn, E. Pszczolko, K.G. Tsui, J.V. Kus, S.E. Richardson); University of Toronto, Toronto (E.M. Brown, S.K. Morris, J.V. Kus, S.E. Richardson); The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto (S.K. Morris, D. Stephens, S.E. Richardson)

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Figure 1

Geographic distribution of A) annualized incidence (no. cases/100,000 population) of blastomycosis (1995–2015) and B) no. cases of histoplasmosis (1990–2015) by Ontario Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), Ontario, Canada. 1, Erie St. Clair; 2, South West; 3, Waterloo Wellington; 4, Hamilton Niagara Haldimond Brant; 5, Central West; 6, Mississauga Halton; 7, Toronto Central; 8, Central; 9, Central East; 10, South East; 11, Champlain; 12, North Simcoe Muskoka; 13, North East; 14, North West.

Figure 1. Geographic distribution of A) annualized incidence (no. cases/100,000 population) of blastomycosis (1995–2015) and B) no. cases of histoplasmosis (1990–2015) by Ontario Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), Ontario, Canada. 1, Erie St. Clair; 2, South West; 3, Waterloo Wellington; 4, Hamilton Niagara Haldimond Brant; 5, Central West; 6, Mississauga Halton; 7, Toronto Central; 8, Central; 9, Central East; 10, South East; 11, Champlain; 12, North Simcoe Muskoka; 13, North East; 14, North West. Incidence was calculated using LHIN-specific population denominators from Statistics Canada (36). Inset shows the location of Ontario within North America.

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1These first authors contributed equally to this article.

2These senior responsible authors contributed equally to this article.

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