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Volume 24, Number 9—September 2018

Novel Orthopoxvirus and Lethal Disease in Cat, Italy

Gianvito Lanave, Giulia Dowgier, Nicola DecaroComments to Author , Francesco Albanese, Elisa Brogi, Antonio Parisi, Michele Losurdo, Antonio Lavazza, Vito Martella, Canio Buonavoglia, and Gabriella Elia
Author affiliations: University of Bari, Valenzano, Italy (G. Lanave, G. Dowgier, N. Decaro, M. Losurdo, V. Martella, C. Buonavoglia, G. Elia); La Vallonea Veterinary Laboratory, Milan, Italy (F. Albanese); Centro Veterinario Montarioso, Siena, Italy (E. Brogi); Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale di Puglia e Basilicata, Putignano, Italy (A. Parisi); Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale di Lombardia ed Emilia Romagna, Brescia, Italy (A. Lavazza)

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Table 2

Viruses (n = 81) used for phylogenetic analysis of an orthopoxvirus isolated from a cat, Italy*

Species Strain Host Year Location of origin GenBank accession nos.
Akhmeti GCP2010 Human 2010 Georgia KM053243–51
Akhmeti GCP2013 Human 2013 Georgia KM046934–42
Alaska Tena Dona Human 2015 Alaska, USA KX914668–76
CPXV 3L97 Cat 1977 UK KY549143
CPXV AUS 1999 867 Cat 1999 Texing, Austria HQ407377
CPXV GRI 90 Human 1990 Moscow, Russia X94355
CPXV FIN 2000 MAN Human 2000 Tohmajärvi, Finland HQ420893
CPXV HumLit08/1 Human 2008 Vilnius, Lithuania KC813493
CPXV HumAac09/1 Human 2009 Aachen, Germany KC813508
CPXV RatAac09/1 Rat 2009 Aachen, Germany KC813501
CPXV RatGer09/1 Rat 2009 Germering, Germany KC813503
CPXV HumKre08/1 Human 2008 Krefeld, Germany KC813512
CPXV RatKre08/2 Rat 2008 Krefeld, Germany KC813505
CPXV Ratpox09 Rat 2009 Marl, Germany LN864565
CPXV HumGra07/1 Human 2007 Graz, Austria KC813510
CPXV GER 1998/2 Human 1998 Eckental, Germany HQ420897
CPXV GER 91–3 Human 1991 Munich, Germany DQ437593
CPXV FM2292 Common vole 2011 Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany LN864566
CPXV MarLei07/1 Mara 2007 Leipzig, Germany KC813499
CPXV HumLue09/1 Human 2009 Lübeck, Germany KC813494
CPXV GER_1990_2 Human 1990 Bonn, Germany HQ420896
CPXV FRA 2001 Nancy Human 2001 Nancy, France HQ420894
CPXV NOR 1995 Cat 1994 Bergen, Norway KY549151
CPXV NOR 1994_MAN Human 1994 Bergen, Norway HQ420899
CPXV K1639 Cat 2000 Bristol, UK KY549148
CPXV K2739 Cat 2000 Bristol, UK KY549149
CPXV 5/wv1 Cheetah 1972 London, UK KY549144
CPXV K4207 Cat 2000 Bristol, UK KY549150
CPXV Brighton Red Human 1937 Brighton, UK AF482758
CPXV K2984 Cat 2000 Bristol, UK HQ420900
CPXV K428 Cat 2000 Bristol, UK KY549145
CPXV K779 Cat 2000 Bristol, UK KY549146
CPXV K780 Cat 2000 Bristol, UK KY549147
CPXV EP4 Elephant 1980 Hameln, Germany HQ420895
CPXV HumPad07/1 Human 2007 Paderborn, Germany KC813496
CPXV GER 2002 MKY Marmoset 2002 Göttingen, Germany HQ420898
CPXV BeaBer04/1 Beaver 2004 Berlin, Germany KC813491
CPXV CatBer07/1 Cat 2007 Berlin, Germany KC813502
CPXV HumBer07/1 Human 2007 Berlin, Germany KC813509
CPXV HumMag07/1 Human 2007 Magdeburg, Germany KC813495
CPXV CatPot07/1 Cat 2007 Potsdam, Germany KC813506
CPXV Amadeus 2015 Horse 2015 Germany LN879483
CPXV EleGri07/1 D Elephant 2007 Grimmen, Germany KC813507
CPXV HumGri07/1 D Human 2007 Grimmen, Germany KC813511
CPXV RatHei09/1 Rat 2009 Heidelberg, Germany KC813504
CPXV JagKre08/1 Jaguarundi 2008 Krefeld, Germany KC813497
CPXV JagKre08/2 Jaguarundi 2008 Krefeld, Germany KC813498
CPXV MonKre08/4 Mongoose 2008 Krefeld, Germany KC813500
CPXV HumLan08/1 Human 2008 Landau, Germany KC813492
CMLV M-96 Camel 1996 Kazakhstan NC003391
CMLV CMS Camel 1970 Iran AY009089
ECTV Naval Mouse 1996 USA KJ563295
ECTV Moscow Mouse 1947 Moscow, Russia NC004105
ECTV ATCC VR 1431 Human 1987 China JQ410350
ECTV-like Abatino Primate 2015 Italy KY100107–15
ECTV-like Italy_09/17 Cat 2017 Italy MF578930–8
MPXV Liberia 1970 184 Human 1970 Liberia DQ011156
MPXV Zaire 96 Human 1996 Zaire, Democratic Republic of the Congo NC003310
MPXV Sierra Leone 1 Human 2004 Sierra Leone AY741551
MPXV Congo 8 Human 1970 Zaire, Democratic Republic of the Congo KJ642613
MPXV Congo 2003 358 Human 2003 Democratic Republic of the Congo DQ011154
MPXV USA 2003 044 Prairie dog 2003 USA DQ011153
MPXV Zaire 1979 005 Human 1979 Zaire, Democratic Republic of the Congo DQ011155
RPXV MD85A Raccoon 1964 Maryland, USA KU749309
SPXV WA Skunk 1978 Washington, USA NC031038
TATV Dahomey 1968 Gerbil 1968 Dahomey, Benin NC008291
VACV Rabbitpox Utrecht Rabbit 1941 Utrecht, the Netherlands AY484669
VACV Horsepox MNR76 Horse 1976 Mongolia DQ792504
VACV Copenhagen Human 1990 Copenhagen, Denmark M35027
VACV Cantagalo CM01 Dairy cow 1999 Brazil KT013210
VACV Ankara Human 1998 Austria U94848
VACV DUKE Human 1970 USA DQ439815
VACV Lister Human 2004 Tokyo, Japan AY678276
VARV Bangladesh 1974 Human 1976 Bangladesh DQ441420
VARV Brazil 1966 Human 1966 Brazil DQ441419
VARV India 1967 (major) Human 1967 India NC001611
VARV Garcia 1966 (minor) Human 1966 Russia Y16780
VARV Bangladesh 1975 Human 1975 Bangladesh DQ437581
VARV India 1964 Human 1964 India DQ437586
VARV Nepal 1973 Human 1973 Nepal DQ437588
VPXV CA Common vole 1985 California, USA NC031033

*CMLV, camelpox virus; CPXV, cowpox virus; ECTV, ectromelia virus; MPXV, monkeypox virus; RPXV, raccoonpox virus; SPXV, Skunkpox virus; TATV, taterapox virus; VACV, vaccinia virus; VARV, variola virus; VPXV, volepox virus.

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