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Volume 25, Number 6—June 2019

Epidemiologic and Clinical Features of Lassa Fever Outbreak in Nigeria, January 1–May 6, 2018

Elsie A. Ilori1, Yuki Furuse1, Oladipupo B. Ipadeola1, Chioma C. Dan-Nwafor1, Anwar Abubakar, Oboma E. Womi-Eteng, Ephraim Ogbaini-Emovon, Sylvanus Okogbenin, Uche Unigwe, Emeka Ogah, Olufemi Ayodeji, Chukwuyem Abejegah, Ahmed A. Liasu, Emmanuel O. Musa, Solomon F. Woldetsadik, Clement L.P. Lasuba, Wondimagegnehu Alemu, Chikwe IhekweazuComments to Author , and Nigeria Lassa Fever National Response Team
Author affiliations: Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Abuja, Nigeria (E.A. Ilori, O.B. Ipadeola, C.C. Dan-Nwafor, A. Abubakar, O.E. Womi-Eteng, C. Ihekweazu); Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan (Y. Furuse); World Health Organization, Abuja (Y. Furuse, E.O. Musa, S.F. Woldetsadik, C.L.P. Lasuba, W. Alemu); US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Abuja (O.B. Ipadeola); African Field Epidemiology Network, Abuja (C.C. Dan-Nwafor); Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Irrua, Nigeria (E. Ogbaini-Emovon, S. Okogbenin); Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, Nigeria (U. Unigwe, E. Ogah); Federal Medical Centre, Owo, Nigeria (O. Ayodeji, C. Abejegah, A.A. Liasu)

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Table 1

Number and incidence of Lassa fever cases, by state or territory, Nigeria, January 1–May 6, 2018

State or territory Population, ×1,000* No. confirmed cases (deaths) Case-fatality rate, % No. confirmed cases/100,000 population No. laboratory-negative suspected cases No. probable cases Positive rate, %
Abia 3,727 1 (1) 100.0 0.027 11 1 8.3
Adamawa 4,248 1 (1) 100.0 0.024 2 1 33.3
Anambra 5,528 4 (2) 50.0 0.072 3 0 57.1
Bauchi 6,537 10 (5) 50.0 0.153 50 0 16.7
Benue 5,742 1 (1) 100.0 0.017 6 1 14.3
Delta 5,663 7 (3) 42.9 0.124 3 0 70.0
Ebonyi 2,880 64 (15) 23.4 2.222 28 4 69.6
Edo 4,236 178 (26) 14.6 4.202 901 0 16.5
Ekiti 3,271 2 (1) 50.0 0.061 10 0 16.7
Federal Capital Territory 3,564 3 (2) 66.7 0.084 38 0 7.3
Gombe 3,257 2 (2) 100.0 0.061 13 0 13.3
Imo 5,409 4 (1) 25.0 0.074 11 0 26.7
Kaduna 8,252 1 (1) 100.0 0.012 4 0 20.0
Kogi 4,474 11 (4) 36.4 0.246 15 2 42.3
Lagos 12,551 1 (1) 100.0 0.008 28 0 3.4
Nasarawa 2,523 3 (2) 66.7 0.119 34 0 8.1
Ondo 4,672 99 (24) 24.2 2.119 214 1 31.6
Osun 4,706 2 (1) 50.0 0.043 2 0 50.0
Plateau 4,200 9 (7) 77.8 0.214 39 0 18.8
Rivers 7,304 1 (1) 100.0 0.014 7 0 12.5
19 (5)
Total 193,393 423 (106) 25.1 0.219 1,460 10 22.5

*Data source: National Bureau of Statistics (22).

Main Article

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1These first authors contributed equally to this article.

2Other members of the Nigeria Lassa Fever National Response Team are listed at the end of this article.

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