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Volume 26, Number 11—November 2020

Modeling Treatment Strategies to Inform Yaws Eradication

Alex HolmesComments to Author , Michael J. Tildesley, Anthony W. Solomon, David C.W. Mabey, Oliver Sokana, Michael Marks, and Louise Dyson
Author affiliations: Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK (A. Holmes, M.J. Tildesley, L. Dyson); University of Warwick School of Life Sciences, Coventry (M.J. Tildesley, L. Dyson); Hospital for Tropical Diseases, London, UK (A.W. Solomon, D.C.W. Mabey, M. Marks); London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London (A.W. Solomon, D.C.W. Mabey, M. Marks); Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Honiara, Solomon Islands (O. Sokana)

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Table 2

Parameter values for household structured yaws transmission model, based on data collected from the Solomon Islands*

Parameter Value Source
β 0.0516 (13)
δ 0.0513 (13)
λ 0.185 (14,15)
ρ 0.0165 (13)
ε† 0.004 (13)
α‡ 0.1669 Appendix

*Given parameter value is the maximum posterior value of the distribution from which each parameter is drawn, with the exception of λ which is consistent with expert opinion. Methods described in Appendix.
†Steady state external force of infection.
‡Between-household rate of infection corresponding to a steady state external force of infection ε.

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