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Volume 28, Number 7—July 2022

Genetically Diverse Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N1/H5N8) Viruses among Wild Waterfowl and Domestic Poultry, Japan, 2021

Kosuke Okuya, Junki Mine, Kaori Tokorozaki, Isshu Kojima, Mana Esaki, Kohtaro Miyazawa, Ryota Tsunekuni, Saki Sakuma, Asuka Kumagai, Yoshihiro Takadate, Yuto Kikutani, Tsutomu Matsui, Yuko Uchida, and Makoto OzawaComments to Author 
Author affiliations: Kagoshima University, Kagoshima, Japan (K. Okuya, I. Kojima, M. Esaki, M. Ozawa); National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Tsukuba, Japan (J. Mine, K. Miyazawa, R. Tsunekuni, S. Sakuma, A. Kumagai, Y. Takadate, Y. Uchida); Kagoshima Crane Conservation Committee, Izumi, Japan (K. Tokorozaki, T. Matsui, M. Ozawa); Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Tokyo, Japan (Y. Kikutani)

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Collection date, GISAID accession numbers, closest genetic relatives, and percentage genetic identity compared with other viruses among highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1/H5N8) viruses detected in the Izumi Plain, Japan, 2021*

Isolated virus Collection date Gene Accession no. Closest relative† % Identity
KU-ngrB4/2021 (mixed)
2021 Nov 8
A/environment sample/China/TZ001/2021 (H5N8)
21A6T/2021 (H5N1)
2021 Nov 13 PB2 EPI1940236 A/duck/Bangladesh/37630/2019 (H10N4) 97.72
PB1 EPI1940237 A/layer hen/Slovakia/A-chicken-Slovakia-Pah_14–2020 /2020 (H5N8) 98.20
PA EPI1940238 A/chicken/Nigeria/VRD21–98_21VIR2288–6/2021 (H5N1) 98.05
HA EPI1933663 A/chicken/Nigeria/VRD21–43_21VIR2288–4/2021 (H5N8) 98.71
NP EPI1940239 A/teal/Egypt/MB-D-487OP/2016 (H7N3) 98.20
NA EPI1940240 A/chicken/Nigeria/VRD21–109_21VIR2370–425/2021 (H5N1) 97.83
M EPI1940241 A/Cygnus columbianus/Hubei/56/2020 (H5N8) 99.29

A/environment/Bangladesh/42635/2020 (H10N7)
B3T/2021 (H5N8)
2021 Nov 15 PB2 EPI1933684 A/environment sample/China/TZ001/2021 (H5N8) 99.61
PB1 EPI1933685 A/environment sample/China/TZ001/2021 (H5N8) 99.30
PA EPI1933683 A/Cygnus columbianus/Hubei/116/2020 (H5N8) 99.40
HA EPI1933687 A/environment sample/China/TZ001/2021 (H5N8) 99.53
NP EPI1933680 A/environment sample/China/TZ001/2021 (H5N8) 99.67
NA EPI1933686 A/Cygnus columbianus/Hubei/51/2020 (H5N8) 99.15
M EPI1933682 A/Cygnus columbianus/Hubei/56/2020 (H5N8) 99.59

A/environment sample/China/TZ001/2021 (H5N8)
A/hooded crane/Kagoshima/
KU-5T/2021 (H5N8)
2021 Nov 19 PB2 EPI1933368 A/environment sample/China/TZ001/2021 (H5N8) 99.56
PB1 EPI1933369 A/environment sample/China/TZ001/2021 (H5N8) 99.30
PA EPI1933370 A/Cygnus columbianus/Hubei/116/2020 (H5N8) 99.49
HA EPI1933371 A/environment sample/China/TZ001/2021 (H5N8) 99.47
NP EPI1933372 A/environment sample/China/TZ001/2021 (H5N8) 99.67
NA EPI1933373 A/Cygnus columbianus/Hubei/51/2020 (H5N8) 99.09
M EPI1933374 A/Cygnus columbianus/Hubei/56/2020 (H5N8) 99.39
NSP EPI1933375 A/environment sample/China/TZ001/2021 (H5N8) 99.76

*GISAID, HA, hemagglutinin; M, matrix; NA, neuraminidase; NP, nucleoprotein; NSP, nonstructural protein; PA, polymerase; PB1, polymerase basic 1; PB2, polymerase basic 2. †Representative viruses with the highest nucleotide identity retrieved from the NCBI GenBank ( database on December 3, 2021.

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