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Volume 1, Number 4—October 1995

Epidemic Cholera in the New World: Translating Field Epidemiology into New Prevention Strategies

Robert V. Tauxe, Eric D. Mintz, and Robert E. Quick
Author affiliations: National Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Table 1

Cholera cases by country, as reported to the Pan American Health Organization, 1991 through 1994

        Number of reported cases
Country Date of first report 1991 1992 1993 1994
Argentina Feb. 5, 1992 0 553 2,080 889
Belize Jan. 9, 1992 0 159 135 6
Bolivia Aug. 26 1991 206 22,260 10,134 2,710
Brazil Apr. 8, 1991 2,101 30,054 56,286 49,455
Chile Apr. 12,1991 41 73 32 1
Colombia Mar. 10, 1991 11,979 15,129 230 996
Costa Rica Jan. 3, 1992 0 12 14 38
Ecuador Mar. 1, 1991 46,320 31,870 6,833 1,785
El Salvador Aug. 19, 1992 947 8,106 6,573 11,739
French Guiana Dec. 14, 1992 1 16 2 NR a
Guatemala July 24, 1991 3,652 15,686 30,605 4,227
Guyana Nov. 5, 1992 0 5 66 0
Honduras Oct. 13, 1991 17 388 2,290 4,965
Mexico June 13, 1991 2,690 8,162 10,712 4,059
Nicaragua Nov. 12, 1991 1 3,067 6,631 7,821
Panama Sept.10, 1991 1,178 2,416 42 0
Paraguay Jan. 25, 1993 0 0 3 0
Peru Jan. 23, 1991 322,562 210,836 71,448 23,887
Suriname Mar. 6, 1992 0 2 0 0
United States Apr. 9, 1991 26 103 22 34
Venezuela Nov. 29, 1991 13 2,842 409 0
Total   391,734 352,300 204,547 112,612

a NR = no reports received.
Source: ref. 2.

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