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Volume 15, Number 3—March 2009

Rickettsia spp. in Ticks, Poland

Tomasz ChmielewskiComments to Author , Edyta Podsiadly, Grzegorz Karbowiak, and Stanislawa Tylewska-Wierzbanowska
Author affiliations: National Institute of Public Health, Warsaw, Poland (T. Chmielewski, E. Podsiadly, S. Tylewska-Wierzbanowska); W. Stefanski Institute of Parasitology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw (G. Karbowiak)

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Table 1

Oligonucleotide primers used for PCR amplification and sequencing of rickettsial species in ticks, Poland, 2005–2007

No. Primers Fragment gene (size, bp) Nucleotide sequences (5′ → 3′) Reference
1 RpCS.409d Citrate synthase


2 Rr190-70 Outer membrane protein A


3 Rr17.61p 17-kDa genus-common antigen

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