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Volume 22, Number 10—October 2016

Ebola Virus Disease in Children, Sierra Leone, 2014–2015

Felicity FitzgeraldComments to Author , Asad Naveed, Kevin Wing, Musa Gbessay, J.C.G. Ross, Francesco Checchi, Daniel Youkee, Mohammed Boie Jalloh, David E. Baion, Ayeshatu Mustapha, Hawanatu Jah, Sandra Lako, Shefali Oza, Sabah Boufkhed, Reynold Feury, Julia Bielicki, Diana M. Gibb, Nigel Klein, Foday Sahr, and Shunmay Yeung
Author affiliations: Save the Children, London, UK (F. Fitzgerald, J.C.G. Ross, F. Checchi); University College of London Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, London (F. Fitzgerald, N. Klein); Save the Children, Freetown, Sierra Leone (A. Naveed, M. Gbessay); London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London (K. Wing, F. Checchi, S. Oza, S. Boufkhed, S. Yeung); Kings Sierra Leone Partnership—Connaught Hospital, Freetown (D. Youkee); Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces, Freetown (M.B. Jalloh, F. Sahr); Ola During Children’s Hospital—Sierra Leone Ministry of Health, Freetown (D. Baion, A. Mustapha); Cap Anamur (German Emergency Doctors)—Ola During Children’s Hospital, Freetown (H. Jah); Welbodi Partnership—Ola During Children’s Hospital, Freetown (S. Lako); Western Area Emergency Response Centre, Freetown (R. Feury); St. George’s University of London, London, UK (J.A. Bielicki); MRC Clinical Trials Unit at University College of London, London (J.A. Bielicki, D.M. Gibb)

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Figure 1

Patient care pathway of EHUs, Western Area (including Freetown), Sierra Leone, August 2014–March 2015. The OICC was set up to care for children with substantial Ebola virus exposure (usually a first-degree relative with confirmed EVD) and without relatives to care for them during the 21-day incubation period. Figure reproduced from (8) (Creative Commons License). EHU, Ebola holding unit; EVD, Ebola virus disease; OICC, observational interim care center.

Figure 1. Patient care pathway of EHUs, Western Area (including Freetown), Sierra Leone, August 2014–March 2015. The OICC was set up to care for children with substantial Ebola virus exposure (usually a first-degree relative with confirmed EVD) and without relatives to care for them during the 21-day incubation period. Figure reproduced from (8) (Creative Commons License). EHU, Ebola holding unit; EVD, Ebola virus disease; OICC, observational interim care center.

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