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Volume 27, Number 12—December 2021

Heartland Virus Transmission, Suffolk County, New York, USA

Alan P. Dupuis1Comments to Author , Melissa A. Prusinski1, Collin O’Connor, Joseph G. Maffei, Kiet A. Ngo, Cheri A. Koetzner, Michael P. Santoriello, Christopher L. Romano, Guang Xu, Fumiko Ribbe, Scott R. Campbell, Stephen M. Rich, P. Bryon Backenson, Laura D. Kramer, and Alexander T. Ciota
Author affiliations: New York State Department of Health, Slingerlands, New York, USA (A.P. Dupuis II, J.G. Maffei, K.A. Ngo, C.A. Koetzner, L.D. Kramer, A.T. Ciota); New York State Department of Health, Albany, New York, USA (M.A. Prusinski, C. O’Connor, P.B. Backenson); Suffolk County Department of Health Services, Yaphank, New York, USA (M.P. Santoriello, C.L. Romano, S.R. Campbell); University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA (G. Xu, F. Ribbe, S.M. Rich); State University of New York at Albany School of Public Health, Albany (L.D. Kramer, A.T. Ciota)

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Table 2

Pairwise genetic distance (% of variable positions) among fully sequenced isolates of Heartland virus, by segment (small/medium/large), for nucleotide (below diagonal) and amino acid (above diagonal) sequences

Isolate (reference) NY20-1782 NY20-1820 MO 2009-P1 MO 2009-P2 TN 2013
NY20-1782 MZ440344/MZ440346/MZ440345* 0/0/0 0.54/0.46/0.43 0.72/1.67/0.34 1.26/0.46/0.19
NY20-1820 MZ440341/MZ440343/MZ440342* 0/0.03/0.61 0.54/0.46/0.43 0.72/0.43/0.34 1.26/0.46/0.19
MO 2009-P1 (1) JX005842.1/JX005844.1/JX005846.1* 1.41/1.43/1.84 1.41/1.46/2.45 0.54/1.77/0.77 1.26/0.37/0.62
MO 2009-P2 (1) JX005843.1/JX005845.1/JX005847.1* 1.69/4.32/1.88 1.69/4.35/2.49 1.45/4.52/1.90 1.44/0.77/0.53
TN 2013 (2) KJ740146.1/KJ740147.1/KJ740148.1* 2.34/2.45/1.98 2.34/2.48/2.50 2.06/2.22/2.00 2.57/4.91/1.95

*GenBank accession numbers.

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1These authors contributed equally to this article.

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