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Volume 15, Number 11—November 2009

Fatal Case of Enterovirus 71 Infection, France, 2007

Sophie ValletComments to Author , Marie-Christine Legrand-Quillien, Thomas Dailland, Gaëtan Podeur, Stéphanie Gouriou, Isabelle Schuffenecker, Christopher Payan, and Pascale Marcorelles
Author affiliations: Université Européenne de Bretagne, Brest, France (S. Vallet, G. Podeur, S. Gouriou, C. Payan); Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, Brest (S. Vallet, M.-C. Legrand-Quillen, T. Dailland, C. Payan, P. Marcorelles); Centre de Biologie et Pathologie Est, Bron, France (I. Schuffenecker)

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EV71 clinical strains used in phylogenetic analysis of the complete VP1 gene*

GenBank accession no. Year Origin Clinical features Isolate Genogroup Reference
U22521 1970 USA Encephalitis BrCr-CA-70 A (1)
AF135883 1974 Australia Meningitis 2604-AUS-74 B1 (1)
AF135870 1977 USA NA 2231-NY-77 B1 (1)
AF009533 1987 USA Gastroenteritis 7631-PA-87 B2 (1)
AF009540 1988 USA Fever 2222-IA-88 B2 (1)
AF376117 1998 Singapore HFMD 3799/SIN/98 B3 (2)
AF376095 1999 Australia HFMD 18F/AUS/6/99 B3 (2)
AF376084 2000 Sarawak HFMD S21082/SAR/2000 B4 (2)
AF376111 2000 Singapore NA 2027/SIN/2001 B4 (2)
AF376121 2000 Singapore HFMD 5511/SIN/2000 B5 (2)
FM201341 2006 Brunei NA BRU/2006/35247 B5 (5)
AF376087 2000 Sarawak HFMD S40221/SAR/2000 C1 (2)
DQ452074 2003 Norway NA 804/NO/2003 C1 (10)
AM939598 2005 UK Unspecified neurologic disease HO-5400-288-05 C1 (8)
AF135950 1998 Missouri Meningitis 2814-MO-98 C2 (1)
AF136379 1998 Taiwan Death NCKU9822 C2 (3)
AM939583 1999 UK Aseptic meningitis EP/5622/99 C2 (8)
AF376108 1999 Australia Meningitis 7F/AUS/6/99 C2 (2)
AF376102 1999 Australia HFMD 27M/AUS/2/99 C2 (2)
AF376110 1999 Australia Ataxia 9F/AUS/6/99 C2 (2)
AY208099 2001 France Guillain-Barré syndrome W1244-50/2001 C2 (11)
AM939604 2006 UK Meningitis HO-6332-439-06 C2 (8)
AM939607 2006 UK Irritable, rash HO-6364-255-06 C2 (8)
AM939597 2006 UK Panencephalitis, fatal STH/MCN/06 C2 (8)
AM939599 2006 UK Difficulty walking HO-6486-445-06 C2 (8)
FJ461786 2008 Singapore NA NUH0013/SIN/2008 C2 UD
FJ151492 2007 Thailand NA THA-07-01647 C2 UD
FJ525952 2008 Edinburgh NA CSF-2431/2008 C2 (9)
AY125966 2001 Korea NA KOR-EV71-01 C3 UD
AY125967 2002 Korea NA KOR-EV71-02 C3 UD
AF302996 1998 China NA SHZH98 C4 UD
AM490154 2005 Vietnam NA 707V/VNM/2005 C4 (4)
AM490163 2005 Vietnam NA 999T/VNM/2005 C5 (4)
AM490153 2005 Vietnam NA 666T/VNM/2005 C5 (4)

*EV, enterovirus; VP, viral protein; HFMD, hand, foot, and mouth disease; NA, not available; UD, unpublished data.

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